Complete Barnaby: flyer

The first promotional flyer for The Complete Barnaby is here.  And no, the strips you see on it are not of the resolution that you’ll experience in the book itself.  Fantagraphics is still working on cleaning up the scans.  But, at least, a hazy glimpse of what’s to come… in June 2012!

Here’s a pdf:

And, below, jpegs of each side of the page.

Complete Barnaby flyer, page 1, Sept. 2011

Complete Barnaby flyer, page 2, Sept. 2011

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    January 2, 2012 @ 3:23 pm

    […] Barnaby!!! I’m really excited that finally there’s going to be a complete collection of Crockett Johnson’s amazing newspaper strip Barnaby. I’d be stoked about pretty much any collected Barnaby, but I’m ecstatic that Fantagraphics is publishing it and that Dan Clowes (!) is doing art direction. There’s no way this can’t be great. Oyster War […]

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