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Twelve is number 1!

Robert Krulwich has many ideas on how to celebrate 12/12 (today), including paying a visit to the Dozenal Society of America’s website.  Here are two more contributions to the “12” party.  First, it’s “Rocks Number 12,” a 2-minute animated film that aired on Sesame Street in the early 1970s.  This is my first memory of the number 12, and it’s the primary reason that (when I was growing up) 12 was my favorite number.

Indeed, if I were asked today to name a favorite number, I would still choose the number 12.  Of course, this wasn’t the only moment that Sesame Street invited viewers to spend time with the number 12.  As you may recall, another 12-themed animated short was “The Ladybugs’ Picnic”:

So, was Sesame Street was covertly advancing a dozenist agenda?  Is Public Broadcasting propagandizing for mathematical radicals?  If I ask enough ludicrous hypothetical questions, will concerned citizens argue for a full audit of Sesame Street‘s YouTube channel?  Or have you stopped reading this in order that you may scroll back up and play the happy videos?  I know I have.  I stopped reading this, oh, a dozen sentences ago.

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